Companies can apply for a company course for groups or personal courses.

Private persons can apply for private courses.

For the preparation of the course, the student will receive a pdf-book in advance.

1 – Find Purpose & Meaning

‘What on Planet Earth are you doing at the moment?’ Where are you standing now? We’re going to explore your passion. We’re going to take a step back and work at you to see what it is what you really want in life. We will use specific techniques so that you will get to know yourself and your heart better, leading to a life of fulfillment and contentment.  


2 – Face Fear & Anxieties

We’ll deal with the ego and all its faces to understand how the fear is created. We will analyze the thoughts so that you understand yourself better. Fears, negative feelings, trauma events and behaviour, emotions will be faced here in such a way, that you will soon feel your heart again under all this ballast. You will finally feel yourself strong and free.


3 – Elevate Yourself

Here we will work at ‘Project You’ where we will increase the awareness. We will invest in a healthy body, healthy mind, healthy food and healthy life style. With the help of introspections techniques, yoga, meditation, sport, food and body insights, you will be able to elevate yourself. 

General Info

– company coaching
– personal coaching

Student will receive a pdf-book which must be read in advance


– Company: fixed fee depending on the amount of persons and time
– Private: hourly rate 


A-Version Life

COC number: 58896147
Established in: Rotterdam


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