A-Version Life

Listen to your Heart
and the Magic wil start.

 What is an A-Version Life course?

Welcome to A-Version Life; the website where you can sign up for the A-Version life course. The goal here is: a life in alignment with your truth, your heart and happiness. And you as your awareness of this truth, can be in charge, directing your mind and body, thus creating your desired reality. In order to do this, insights on who you are, how you work, how the mind and body works, are essential. As a consequence the limitations caused by fear and anxieties which are controlling and harming you, will be dissolved. And without the fear, you will be able to feel yourself unlimitedly and live life in the same way consciously.
So, if you’re ready to listen to your Heart, then let the Magic start.

Who am I?

Hi I am Ratna, the Founder & Coach.

And years ago I was a product of life, deriving my identity, behaviour and worth out of it. I started to work as a Tax Lawyer. However, soon I noticed that my choices and whole way of living until then weren’t making me happy. I was decreasing my life energy because of this, fear and anxiety increased, which also started to harm my body and behaviour. Because I didn’t have self-knowledge then, I didn’t know how to change this. But when both my parents died when I was 26 years old, I decided I had to act: life indeed could be short.

And after a lot of falling, trying and self investigation, I eventually got to know myself. I got to understand how I work, how the mind and body works, how fear works and how to direct all of this in harmony, creating my new desired reality. And with this I started to live in alignment with my heart, where my daily goal was and is to be happy every day, fulfilling all my wishes, living life to the fullest.

To live free, traveling, exploring the world, meeting new people, a healthy lifestyle, daily sport & yoga, always growing, learning and developing myself, fulfilling my dreams and desires, helping people because I have: this is the path of my heart, my new reality I created which I am living for many years now.

And I would be happy to help you with your journey.

And what was an A-Version Life again, you said?

Good question. Your A-Version Life is the life in which you are fully expressed, feeling your ‘greatness’, living in alignment with your heart and therefore experiencing the depth of you and life: the ‘fulfillment’ feeling. You explore yourself, your heart desires and wishes and then you create and live this. With an A-version living of yourself, you get energy instead of it costing you energy. You don’t live a B- or C-version of yourself, somewhere feeling that you’re not living your full capacity. No, an A-version life is the life that you feel in your deepest because you experience ‘the magic’ of life.  Happiness from the inside as a choice. And with this life will not live you, but you will live your live, in full awareness. And living the A version doesn’t mean you’ve achieved everything. Nopes, because life is all about development and growth. So sounds like fun, right? And it is!

OK, so what can I expect from such a course?


Apart from a nice atmosphere and my informal language so that everything is easy to follow, we will amongst other treat the following:


  • Who are you?
  • What do you want
  • What is your current belief system
  • How to master the mind and your fears
  • Internal clean-up of your emotions and blokkages
  • Feeling your body, heart, soul and the depth of life
  • Creating a higher level of awareness
  • Project you and fulfilling your wishes
  • Integrating a new daily healthy lifestyle on a mental and physical level

For who?

For everyone


  • People who want to live in alignment with the heart, living their purpose with fulfillment
  • People who want change, happiness, inner peace and feel the love from within, their essence
  • People who want to master their mind, fears and anxieties
  • People who want to master their bodies
  • People who want to experience the magic and secrets of life
  • People who want to live their dream life

How, what and where?

You can apply for personal coaching or group coaching.

The groups lessons are on hold due to Covid.

Dependent from your wishes however, I can visit you on your location and provide you with a personal coaching approach.

Please contact me to discuss the possibilities through the contact form or send an e-mail to: info@a-versionlife.com


“Listen to your Heart and the Magic will start.”

Ratna Jainandunsing

KvK number: 58896147
Established in: Rotterdam


Do you have any questions or comments about the course? Please feel free to contact via the button below.