Hi, I am Ratna, the Coach

I was born and raised in Rotterdam. And for many years I lived a life where ‘life lived me’: I lived unconsciously and it seemed as if life was ‘happening’ to me. And just as everyone, how the majority around me was living, that was also the way I thought I had to live. And that was my ‘normal life’.

Robot Ratna – period

In this respect, just like Warren Buffet and Steve Jobs, I wanted to ‘conquer’ the world as young as possible. This was what ‘successful’ was all about in the society around me: big, bigger, biggest. Also I was taught that being ‘successful’ included to follow the ‘best’ and highest achievable education and then working at the best company as young as possible.

So, that was the path I followed: I completed my university as quickly as possible and started working as a tax lawyer at a young age.

Until the practice turned out not to be mý definition of success: I felt very unhappy during my long working days and the little free time I had. Clearly I was doing something wrong. I felt tired and just like a robot. And every day went on and on. It also seemed as if I had little to say in my own life because of the many obligations. Time to research what it was what I wanted and how to change it all, I didn’t seem to have. And because of the pressure to always have enough money to live, all of this only got harder. I was stuck, that’s how it felt.

Success: being happy every day

And so I developed my new definition of success: to be happy every day. To live a life from my heart in freedom with my happiness-feeling as a guideline. A life where I would live life instead of the other way around and where I would get energy from. A life so much fun that I couldn’t wait to jump out of bed every morning to start my day! A life where I would know myself, where I would realize all of my wishes and dreams so that at the end I would not regret anything. A life in which I therefore also could give to others, out of altruism.

If I had to give the aforementioned a name, it would be the A-Version of my life.

As from the inside, as from the outside

And from the inside, I got to this point where I couldn’t think of anything else anymore and I was already there. I only had to adjust my outer world. So I put my love for myself above the fear I felt of losing everything I had built up over all these years: I quit my job. And with this I said goodbye to the known. At that same time, the creation process started where I would create my outside world in accordance with my inner world. I wouldn’t go for less, because that wasn’t an option for me.

Freedom a la Braveheart

Practice really does make perfect. Because I have been living my A-Version life up for many years now, in complete freedom. ‘Work smart, live heart’ is my motto. During the day I spend the most beautiful hours of the day enjoying myself, while getting to know myself better by the day. I choose to do this now, while I’m still young and healthy. Not after retirement, or just in my nights, weekends or holidays. I travel a lot (solo), exploring the world. I get to know new people all over the world. I pick up new hobbies and learn new languages. I am living all my wishes and dreams now, not later.


All of this doesn’t mean that I don’t go through bad times. Because that’s life. So ofcourse I have moments of sadness or unhappiness. But because I put more time into myself, knowing myself and my heart, I live life more consciously and with this I regain myself faster and faster. This self-knowledge and piece of awareness allows me to dance faster on the waves of life instead of swimming against it. And that makes a world of difference: ‘I decide life instead of life deciding me’. Also when it comes to achieving and realizing all my goals, dreams and wishes, everything seems to be possible.

A-Version Life course

From this state of awareness, I have created this course. So, if you are someone who wants to live from the heart and realize your goals, dreams and wishes, then this is for you. If you want to get the skills of ‘creating all you want’ and experience the magic of you and life, this is the place to be. Even if you are just waiting for that last push in your back to make that change in your life or if you want to find your purpose, then you are at the right place.

Because if you listen to your Heart, then the Magic will start, is true.

So let the Magic start.


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