Step 1: Know your dreams

28 Dec 2020 | 0 comments

‘Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve’ – Napoleon Hill

To live life on my own terms in freedom every day, to wake up whenever I want, to go and to do whatever I want to do fulfilling all my wishes and desires, to travel a lot and to see the world while being young and healthy, to explore it all and to be fulfilled in such a way that I therefore also can give to others out of altruism.

Many years back I dreamt of a life like this since I lived the opposite life then. Being a tax lawyer I worked for all these companies as an employee and I felt stuck, working long days, not living out of my heart. I followed the ‘success’-term the mass majority around me was applying, thinking it would make me happy. But it did not. I wanted to live in freedom.

And with this path I knew this was also the road of the unknown and that I had to give up everything I had built up until then. And I took it. Because I would rather lose it all and live on the street than living a life which wasn’t mine.

And ‘practice makes perfect’ because I am already living my dream now for many years.

And I can say it all starts with your dreams, your wishes and desires. That is step 1 in the whole process. Because you see, these will be your goals to work at when working at you. And to know your dreams is something you don’t do with the mind, but with the heart. It is a feeling process.

A way to know what your heart wants is the following famous trick. If you would wake up tomorrow as if it’s X-mas, because you couldn’t wait jumping out of your bed because your life would be so super fun. How would your life look like? What would the circumstances be, what would you look like, your house, your activities. What would make you super happy?

Maybe you would like to wake up in the nature of Africa, in your dream house, with your dream partner, making yourself ready to have your adventurous work with animals. It could be everything. So what would it be for you. And if the answer to this question doesn’t make you feel super excited you should try again. It means you’re not dreaming big enough.

So what says your heart? What are your dreams?

To be continued.


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