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Create the best version
of your life and live it.

What is an A-Version Life course?

Welcome to A-Version Life; the website where you can sign up for, jawohl, the A-Version Life course. The name already speaks for itself. With this course, you will learn to create your A-Version of your life: the highest imaginable happy dream-version of you. You will learn to realize the magical switch from ‘darkness to light’ in such a way that you get the best out of yourself, a happy life from the heart. And an A-Version Life is all about knowing your self and realizing your dreams. Even if you might feel stuck in a current ‘fake version of yourself’, we will go to the other side: the A-Version Life as I call it.

Who am I?

Hi y’all, I am Ratna. The moment I’m writing this, I’m 39 years old. And I am living my dream life in complete freedom for many years now, built up from the ground by myself. I get up every day when I want it and how I want it. I have enough financial resources to go and do whatever I want. Because I work as an independent, I work effectively and efficiently. My life-motto is: “work smart, live ‘heart’”. And that’s how I live.

I literally carry out all my wishes and desires now while I am still young and healthy so that I won’t regret anything later. So I travel a lot to explore the world (solo) and to meet new people. I love to dance (including salsa), to learn new languages and to pick up new hobbies. Out of love for myself I have a healthy life-style with my daily exercises, yoga and meditation in which I am growing every day. And because ‘I have’, I can actually ‘give’ out of altruism. That’s why I do volunteering work every year in a different country, the thing I love the most!

So you could say I am living an A-Version of myself from the heart, as I call it. And when I look around, I think it’s amazing how many people don’t live the way they want. That’s why I have developed this oh so fun life changing A-Version Life course, based on everything I have learned and applied.

And what was an A-Version Life again, you said?

Good question. Your A-Version Life is the life in which you are fully expressed, feeling your ‘greatness’, living according to your heart, experiencing the ‘fulfillment’ feeling. You explore yourself, your passion and everything you want and then you create and live this. With an A-version living of yourself, you get energy instead of it costing you energy. You don’t live a B- or C-version of yourself, somewhere feeling that you’re not living your full capacity. No, an A-version life is the life that you feel in your deepest because you experience ‘the magic’ of life. You can also see it at people living this; at the ‘twinkle’ in their eyes. Happiness from the inside as a choice. And living the A version doesn’t mean you’ve achieved everything. Nopes, because life is all about development and growth. So sounds like fun, right? And it is!

OK, so apart from your informal way of speaking, what can I expect from such a course?


Apart from a nice atmosphere and my informal language so that everything is easy to follow, we will amongst other treat the following:


  • Finding your passion (jup, that’s possible and it exists, also for you)
  • Self-knowledge, your state of being, awareness and thoughts
  • Addressing your wishes, desires and current financial situation
  • How to face fears: ego emotions and feelings
  • Getting to know your heart and soul
  • Practice approach with the Superman program to realize your dreams
  • Yoga and meditation exercises
  • Inner strengthening for outer strengthening
  • Creating positive mindset and life style

For whom?

Actually, this course is for anyone who wants to live an A version of themselves. But if I had to come up with categories:


  • People who are looking for themselves, for meaning and purpose in their life’s, who want to live all their dreams and wishes
  • People who want self-knowledge, change and a life from the heart
  • Entrepreneurs who are building up their company
  • Working people currently not satisfied with their situation
  • People looking for their passion or direction in life
  • People with burnouts or depression (read, people waking up)

How, what and where?

Because the courses are for everyone these will be held at central locations so that it will be accessible to everyone.

Good to know is that a course lasts 3 days in a row from 9:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m. (mostly weekdays) with max. 13 participants. This way everyone gets the full attention.

The courses include lunch, coffee and tea.

After you apply for the course you will be contacted for a short intake to have some more information about you. You should also bring your own laptop if you have one.

For more information, take a look at this website and feel free to contact if having questions. For now, see you at the course!

“Listen to your Heart and the Magic will start.”

Ratna Jainandunsing

KvK number: 58896147
Established in: Rotterdam


Do you have any questions or comments about the course? Please feel free to contact via the button below.