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With this course you will learn to create your A-Version of your life: the highest imaginable happy dream-version of you. Because you are the creator of your own life. And once you realize how powerful you can be in this respect and how to use the tools which you already have within you, you will be able to consciously fulfill your dreams and desires. And then life won’t happen to you. But you will live life ‘consciously’, knowing yourself, from your heart.

So if you are ready to take the steps: welcome to the A-Team!


Day 1 – The Outer World

We’ll start with the outside: ‘What on Planet Earth are you doing at the moment?’ Where are you standing now? We’re going to explore your passion. We’re going to take a step back and work at you to see what it is what you really want in life. And we’re going to take a concrete look at what steps to take to change your current circumstances. Concepts such as ‘self-knowledge, change, courage and seeing yourself as you really are’, will play a big role here. 


Day 2 – The Inner World

Well hello Inside World! We’ll cover your inside here. Because a ‘strong you on the inside – leads to a strong you on the outside’. We’ll deal with the ego and all its faces. We will analyze the thoughts so that you understand yourself better. We will practice breathing techniques. Fears, negative feelings and emotions will be faced here in such a way, that you will soon feel your heart again under all this ballast. Because an A-Version Life starts with feeling your heart. So, let’s have a look inside.


Day 3 – Project You

My goodness, can you also feel the excitement and sensation by only just reading the words ‘Project You’? With this you’ll get to know yourself better and turn your wishes and desires into reality in a structured way. Everything vague in your head will come out clearly under the term goals. And most importantly, you will be busy every day to accomplish these. We will practice a healthy life style with exercises, yoga and meditation. You’ll get all the tools to create your A-Version Life out of unconditional love for yourself. Your life will never be the same after this.

General Info

3 days in a row

9am – 5pm

Number of participants:
A maximum of 13 per course


€ 999,- ex VAT

Lunch, coffee and tea

Upcoming dates and locations:

on hold due to Covid


KvK number: 58896147
Established in: Rotterdam


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