COVID UPDATE: Due to the current circumstances with covid, there is a lot of fear and depression. Therefore the regular course is on hold. If you need help with fears, stress, depressions, feeling yourself unhappy because of all what’s happening, then contact me. I will help you, E-mail me on:



The course will be held in groups with max 13 people per course. The duration of the course will be
3 days on location in a nature environment and will be inclusive stay, food and drinks. 

Day 1 – Find Purpose & Meaning

‘What on Planet Earth are you doing at the moment?’ Where are you standing now? We’re going to explore your passion. We’re going to take a step back and work at you to see what it is what you really want in life. And we’re going to take a concrete look at what steps to take to change your current circumstances. Concepts such as ‘self-knowledge, change, courage and seeing yourself as you really are’, will play a big role here. 


Day 2 – Face Fear & Anxieties

We’ll deal with the ego and all its faces to understand how the fear is created. We will analyze the thoughts so that you understand yourself better. Fears, negative feelings, trauma events and behaviour, emotions will be faced here in such a way, that you will soon feel your heart again under all this ballast. Because an A-Version Life starts with feeling your heart. So, let’s have a look inside.


3 – Elevate Yourself

Here we will work at ‘Project You’ where we will increase the awareness. In this way you will be able to direct the mind, body and soul into unity on the path of your heart. We will work at knowing your true self and turning your wishes and desires into reality in a structured way. A practical approach with a healthy life style with exercises, yoga and healthy food will be your new normal. You’ll get all the tools to create your A-Version Life out of unconditional love for yourself. With this your life will never be the same.

General Info

3 days in a row on location

– 2 nights stay
– food & drinks

3 whole days, in the weekend or during the week

Number of participants:
A maximum of 13 per 


Easy, sporty clothes

€ 999,- ex VAT p.p.

Upcoming dates and locations:
On hold.


A-Version Life

COC number: 58896147
Established in: Rotterdam


Do you have any questions or comments about the course? Please feel free to contact via the button below.