Burnout: living against your nature for too long

14 Oct 2020 | 0 comments

Lately there has been a lot in the news about students and the working people; about being depressed at a very young age and not being able to cope with the pressure, about the many burnouts. And honestly, it breaks my heart. I’m really sorry. We do this to ourselves as a society. What do I mean by that? I’ll start at the beginning.

Free nature

We grow up to be free and happy, playing and happy, which is our natural free nature. Then we learn from a very young age that we have to abide by the ‘people rules’ here on the planet. That we have to behave ‘normal’ (because the majority determines what is ‘normal’) and that we all have to meet conditions, to be valued. After our study time or at a certain age, we have to prove ourselves and independently establish our ‘greatness’ in order to ‘impress’ everyone and also ourselves.

Prove yourself

You can go head-to-head after or during your studies, because you need money and you have to prove yourself and you have the age for it. But this is what happens. A lot of people get stuck here. They get used to a spending pattern and the certainty that the job offers them in terms of income (and often status). They want to buy more things because they find that they can finally buy things they want. And that costs even more money, after which you buy a house, maybe get a family and have fixed expenses. You can’t even afford to leave your current employer. Never mind that you have time to think about what you really want.

Change is a must

Those few free hours in the after-hours evenings you have, you use them for your loved ones and for your ‘me-time’, because you have to balance. And so days pass; days become weeks, weeks become years. And you’re getting promoted and stuff. Only nothing else changes. You feel like you’re in the background somewhere. Because life is okay, but your greatness feels misunderstood. You feel somewhere that you haven’t quite expressed yourself, you’re not the best version of yourself. And… Nothing changes. Your energy level is getting lower and you have a chance of burnout.

And this is the whole point now. If you don’t do something, nothing changes. If you don’t change anything every day, everything stays the same every day. There’s not going to be a miracle of the world or another miracle that’s going to make you suddenly live your dream life. Once you’re in this rat-race, in this robot autopilot zombie mode, your brain isn’t working how it’s supposed to be to change things either.

In other words, you need to change things so that your life is going to change to the way you want it. Otherwise it won’t happen. So if you want things to change, you have to do this.

How do you do this? Lucky you that you’re reading this!

You’re doing this with your thoughts. With your thoughts you create your reality. I hope you know this by now. And here are the following 2 ingredients important: your greatness and your creativity. This is where it starts. That’s how you create the life you want. You do this by fantasizing and dreaming and feeling what you would like otherwise. Where and what life would you feel good about. How would you like to get up? And then you go to the next step, the execution.

This next step, the implementation, can be a tricky step for many people, so many people don’t start with it. This is actually exactly the point where a lot of people stop. They know in their heads that they would like to see their lives different and more beautiful. But to start with this, how to do this is tricky. You have to deal with the concept of uncertainty. You have to deal with uncertain situations. And in the ‘system’ we learn to deal with the idea that security is good. Fixed contracts in the work, that’s what you have to go for. Otherwise, you’re not going to get a mortgage, you’re not going to get loans. You need a fixed income for your fixed expenses. Especially if you have a family to support. Everything is built on certainty in the system, making uncertainty and change scary. We don’t know how or what. And oh woe if you’re out of money for a while. The thought alone scares us very much.

But folks, good news for you.

I can make you so happy right now. In my course we will go into exactly that last step; execution. You have dreams and wishes, but how to start this and address the uncertainty and all the problems with it. Even if your dreams and wishes still hang half blurred in your head, don’t be afraid, that’s all part of it.

Here, in this 3-day course of A-Version Life (jup, the name says it yourself), we will deal with this! We’re not going for less than the A version of your life instead of the okay B version or the mediocre “but-I-can-in-any-case-all-pay-my-bills”-C version.

Living the A version is the life that energizes you instead of costing you energy.

It gives you a sense of fulfillment, because you are true to your heart, every fucking moment. You shine because you do not deficient yourself and can die at the end of your life (in 100 years of course) with peace of mind, because you have lived your life as you wished, without regret.

So follow me, sign up and let’s kick ass! Fearless!


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